ROCKSTAR Photobooths
your oldschool photobooth feel with the new technology


Say cheese!

We now have 5 different types of Photo Booths!

LED Party Booth, LED Party Wall Booth, MEGABOOTH, handheld mobile booth, and the Magic Mirror Booth.

NEW: Pictures can now be sent directly to each persons phone!

High quality prints & HD videos!
We will help design a custom monogram to put at the bottom of every strip, including 2 lines of text!
After your event, we will email you digital versions of all your individual pictures, strips, and videos!


Props galore

Enjoy our endless selection of props ranging from italian doctor masks, Homer Simpson, feather boas, giant flowers, to rainbow hats. We’re all about having fun, and we have the coolest props to enhance your experience!


Leave a video

Whether it’s advice, a funny story, or just a nice comment welcoming you into the family, we have a video option to capture the fun! 


Bring home a memory book

Your Photo Booth Commander will help guests create a personalized memory book for you on the spot. 


Just like its big brother, but sliced a bit smaller. This open format booth can accommodate large groups.


 Perfect for those that want more of an intimate photo booth experience. Comfortably fits up to 6 people per session!


This monster fits A LOT of guests per session. We are not even sure what the current record is! Somewhere around 10-15. Endless fun, great for those that really want something special!


This handheld booth is portable and has no real guest limit! Perfect for those that don’t have space for a larger booth, or those that want something unique. Our Photo Booth Commander will walk freely around the room and even help those that are handicap take photos. We will send the pictures straight to your guest’s phones. ALL digital, you will also get all of the pictures at the end of the event.

Don’t forget your videos

Relive your moments, forever!

Who is Rockstar?

Get to know us

We are a mix matched group of crazy talented people who happen to love weddings. Our guys and gals are super diverse (backgrounds/ethnicities/experiences/you name it) and all share the same desire for perfection. Our vision is to create, enhance, and capture those special moments. You will always get the "A" team. All Rockstar team members have been carefully selected through years of loyalty and training. We don't overbook. Quality over quantity is what we strongly believe in.

Why do we do this?  One word, Passion.